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    • Info: OGame Battle Converter
    • Author: Jeremy Baukens
    • Website: None yet
    • Support: None yet
    • Screenshot:
    • Languages: multi language


    i would like to develop for the moment, locally a new combat report converter. There are already some existent, but none taking in count new function such as deuterium into debris and it doesnts like they are going to be updated very soon.

    As i have for the moment no public website, i can understand an api key may been refused. However is it possible to fetch somewhere sample data that would have been output if using the api to be able to continue the development of it ?


  • RiV-

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  • Hi RiV- hope you are doing well, quick question

    Are we allowed to display everything on the forum which is provided out of its API.

    EG: If i provide an option where the player can convert aswell the wreckfield that is created ? Is it allowed to be posted on the forum, or are we restricted to display first/last round and basic results like debris, total loss

    Kind regards

  • i do aswell note that the demo api has rate limitting enabled. Is this the case aswell on the production api ? May i know the chararcteristics of it to be able to handle this efficiently or are it the same endpoints, values ?

  • Can i have an update ?

    Private API has a rate-limit. But:

    - its not straight forward to explain here, their is kind of several limitations / cases (i did a lot of tests)

    - the limitation has nothing to do with the Reverse-Proxy one, its a lot lot more

    In a nutshell, use the Reverse-Proxy: it will be enough for a long time even in production for your tool (until you get like 10 combats to process per minute, you have time to see).

    Plus, the Reverse-Proxy is reliable, i used it for 2 years in production for PTRE (October 2018 - April 2021), never got any issue.