PTRE - Spy Report Sharing Tool (over Discord / OGLight / Infinity / AGR)

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    PTRE was created on October 2018 during the huge Topraider outage's month: no one could share Spy Reports anymore via browser, a solution needed to be found. So i built PTRE from scratch and we used it with my teams to test and improve it.

    PTRE is an easy-to-use tool to save and share spy reports. You can save spy reports from:

    Your spy reports will be shared only with your team mates. PTRE is all about sharing, making possible what lacks in OGame: unified database accross InGame, Discord and website. PTRE can also create ingame activity profiles, manage and sort spy reports, share galaxy informations accross teammates (like new mobiles detected).

    PTRE is fully available in english and in french. I am open to add any other language if someone could help to traduce all texts.

    Plus :

    • PTRE also owns a private key provided by GAMEFORGE to connect to APIs
    • PTRE applies Discord official privacy policy regarding personnal datas, the bot was officialy white-listed by Discord support (details here: PTRE Privacy Policiy)
    • No personnal datas needed to register to PTRE (creating a team is free and you just need a name!)

    Player search via Discord

    Find all your spy reports via Discord.

    The player preview will contain:
    - the best report
    - a link to PTRE profile
    - all his fleet last locations
    - number of ingame activities
    - previous nicknames
    ptre_example.png Import spy reports from Discord

    Copy-past spy reports API keys to your Discord server: it will be directly sent to the PTRE website and store into your team timeless database.

    In addition, fleet evolution will be displayed (increase of ressources, ship count, fleet points).
    It will also display, activity timer and player's class.
    OGLight integration

    OGLight integration PTRE is integrated with OGLight. You can directly push your spy reports from ingame through OGLight!

    OGLight / PTRE can display an ingame activity profile (details bellow).

    (OGLight is not mandatory, but recommended)
    splash_re.png Check fleet evolution

    Your spy reports are stored till you delete them. Even after being removed from OGame API after few days, it will still be available for your team.

    In addition, PTRE displays fleet evolution across spy reports.
    Ingame activity profile (via OGL)

    The OGL/PTRE activity graphic is directly displayed ingame.

    The PTRE button (in the OGL pinned pannel) will display :
    - the PTRE informations of the target
    - the activity profile
    - a link to the PTRE profile
    - a link to the best report
    ptre_activity_graph_short.png Detailed activity profile

    On the PTRE website, you can have access to a detailed activity profile, such as :
    - filtering only main planet activities
    - filtering week / week-end
    Counter-Spy reports

    All counter-spy reports are sent to PTRE to update activity database.

    (Thoses actvities stacks with classic activities catched from galaxy view)
    oglight_sync_planets.png Planet / Moon sync over PTRE

    PTRE/OGL syncs galaxy informations (coordinates) accross PTRE Coalition's users.

    To demonstrate this feature: if Arthur finds Valentin's mobile moon in the galaxy, all members of Arthur's Coalition (and Team) will be able to see Valentin's mobile when they display OGL coordinates (even if they never saw Valentin's mobile).
    Multi-Team management

    You can join several Teams to use PTRE for each and every universe you are playing.

    Swap from a team to another with a simple click !
    meta_team.png Coalition

    A Coalition allow two PTRE Teams to share all their ingame activites and galaxy imports.

    (Spy reports will not be shared.)
    More stuffs

    - Moonbreak tool
    - Report or archive Spy Reports to clean
    - bew research
    - nice help with all in it !ptre
    - Discord community for help
    Some statistics


    If you need help, do not hesitate to reach us over Discord.

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  • Hello there! ;)

    Here are some PTRE news.

    Last features:

    - Creation of a tolerated tool (post here) to make PTRE compatible with AGR: EasyPTRE (see annex 1 for compatibility)

    - Integration of "galaxy"'s public API (for currently active universes)

    - Galaxy Event Explorer : this feature merges galaxy view from public API (like in MMORPG) with live ingame data updated by OGLight or OGame Infinity. You may set a rank filter to sort events: use Discord command !ptre !gala 500 where 500 is the max rank to display in left column. (see annex 2).

    - New activity table listing target activities, timers, and spy events. Data are kept 1 month. (see annexe 3)

    - Add a public spy report page. This page lists top public fleet and can be used to share reports with external people (not part of your PTRE team)

    - Addition of OGame images and icons

    Improvements and bugfixes:

    - Improvement of Discord event notifications via command !ptre !gala

    - Improvement of compatibility with OGame Infinity

    - !ptre !push Discord command no longer disable spy reports push (it only updates destination channel)

    - Team page: it is no longer possible to delete last or current Team Key

    - Improvement of the Admin Key backup system

    - Improvement of error messages (when checking spy report without beeing connected, or during activity graph display)

    - Improvement of activity and reports cleanup

    If you have any suggestions or feedback, do not hesitate to join PTRE Discord.

    Annex 1 :


    Annex 2 :


    Annex 3 :


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  • Hello,

    A EN user asked for a tool to easily list free slots in galaxy, so i added the feature here:

    You just have to select the galaxy and the spot you are looking for and it will display all free spots.You may display the content of the system, and it will be up-to-date with ingame pushs from OGLight / Infinity.

    Plus, you may use it without beeing connected to your PTRE team, as a public user.

    Have fun!


  • Hello,

    Some news from PTRE improvements:

    [feature] P8 Finder: new tool to list all free positions by slot, it takes into account galaxy updates from Team (screenshot in previous message)

    [feature] Add an Inbox messages system (for Coalition invitation, notification when getting misconfiguration from ingame tools)

    [feature] TeamKey reset: in order to kick a player from your PTRE Team

    [feature] Add defences to Discord notifications

    [feature] Adding spy report from website creates a complete Discord notification

    [feature] Add details and cache to PTRE statistics

    [feature] Add rate-limiting system (to private API)

    [polish] Improve misconfiguration detection when doing incorrect ingame galaxy pushs

    [polish] Add food and population to Discord notifications

    [polish] Improve alliance module (on profile ou spy report page)

    [polish] Fix fleet language for ships in Discord notifications (was english all the time)

  • Hi there,

    Last changelog related to PTRE:

    - Adding Lifeform support (researchs, buildings, LF bonus) to spy reports

    - Rework Galaxy Event Explorer page (new layout, highlighted new planets)

    - Rework Galaxy Event notifications to Discord with a lot more details (!ptre !gala to enable)

    - Improve players list page with a purge button for deleted players

    - Merge API planets with OGL / OGI pushed planets in player profile page

    - Adding last research to player profile page

    - Adding Fast Team Swap menu to top bar

    - Adding quick menu at top of player profile page

    - Adding monitoring in case SR ingestion fails (LF issues)

    - Adding monitoring in case bot is away

    - Improve SR rate limiting

    - Improve API status page