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    Thanks a lot RiV ! That's exactly what i was looking for ! Is there somewhere a documentation for knowing what are each data corresponding to ? Like for example : "building_type" : 1 i guess its the Metal Mine but for the others things, is there a documentation who details everything ?

    /api/localization.xml has the IDs.

    And can you explain me about the "full" parameters on the API ? I tried different value like 0, 1 and 5 and i didnt see any difference :/?(

    Full means you get RESULT_CODE and RESULT_DATA. Setting it to 0 means you only get the RESULT_DATA object. It's explained on the page as well: "do you need the full info or only the RESULT_DATA object?"

    Today I'm glad to announce the release of AntiGameReborn 9.0.0 with a redesigned fleetdispatch, working routines and lifeforms support. If you have questions or bug reports, consider joining us on the Discord.

    A huge thanks to @vikenemesh and @Bistre who both helped a lot developing this version.

    IMPORTANT: This version includes a complete rewrite of the fleet dispatch system. That means AGR handles everything, and no vanilla OGame functions are used. Flight times, deuterium consumption, target checking/validation, dispatch—EVERYTHING is calculated and executed by AGR. Please be aware that there could be bugs related to these changes. We strongly advise you to be wary when using the redesigned fleet dispatch, especially when sending important or critical fleets. Consider this as a friendly reminder that you use addons at your own risk, and I cannot be held responsible for any potential damage that may occur by using AGR.

    [Feature] Fleetdispatch rewrite and redesign, this also fixes the routines

    [Feature] Added support for Lifeforms, see below for details (thanks @Bistre)

    [Feature] Preselect 1 colony ship when colonizing from galaxy view

    [Feature] Added "Delete duplicates" button to spy table

    [Feature] Shortcut to open jumpgate (key above tab key)

    [Feature] Arrow keys shortcut for cycling through jumpgate targets

    [Feature] Added hotkey "C" to cycle through selected player's coords if this option is enabled for the galaxy icon

    [Feature] Added support for skippable systems

    [Feature] Added option to set target percent for max metal finds in expeditions

    [Feature] Added option to ignore food for max and most buttons

    [Feature] Language change option now applies to all of AGR instead of only the menu (relog after changing language to apply the change!)

    [Feature] Announcement system (see Menu -> General -> Announcements), AGR will check for news every 60 minutes or when you login

    [Feature] Added shortcuts I and O for previous / next planet

    [Lifeforms] Cost information is displayed for Lifeforms with support for Construction tab (including cost reduction)

    [Lifeforms] Expedition routine takes lifeform bonuses into account

    [Lifeforms] Energy production from Lifeform bonuses is considered

    [Lifeforms] Lifeform bonuses to ship stats are considered

    [Lifeforms] Added food to fleetdispatch

    [Polishing] Jumpgate "always remain enough cargos" now factors in capacity of all ships

    [Polishing] Added thousand separator to ship count in eventlist

    [Polishing] JS files and CSS are now loaded via manifest to improve page building

    [Polishing] Fixed several things in page building

    [Polishing] Transport button in panel now always preselects Transport mission (overwrites Deploy setting)

    [Polishing] Made spy table more compact with customization option to short number formatting

    [Polishing] All missions are now always selectable in fleetdispatch and once manually chosen AGR should not change the mission again

    [Polishing] Show population requirements in text overlay

    [Polishing] Removed "Show after next level, when already in construction" option, AGR now always targets the level that is shown by OGame

    [Polishing] Removed redundant eventlist settings for Fleet2 and Fleet3

    [Polishing] Spytable: Detail view no longer uses short number format

    [Polishing] Overview: Made planet information wider for the rich boys and girls

    [Polishing] Some clean up in the menu

    [Misc] Lanx range bonus for explorer class

    [Misc] Removed amortization time from mines

    [Misc] Added geologist bonus to max. crawler count

    [Misc] Show max. buildable units without commander as well

    [Misc] Differentiation between fleet speeds (peaceful/holding/war)

    [Bugfix] Content passing for miniFleet and checkEventbox

    [Bugfix] Focus is now set on continue button when clicking on things in routine calculator

    [Bugfix] Increased row count to 10 in ship compositions

    [Bugfix] Auto switch planets on collect/fleetsave routines working again

    [Bugfix] Last routine working again

    [Bugfix] Message player from tooltip in galaxy view wasn't working if chatbar was enabled

    [Bugfix] Remove duplicated (R) in fleet movement

    [Bugfix] Rounding error in building costs

    [Bugfix] Added token to message deletion (8.4.0 hotfix)

    [Bugfix] CSS fixes in galaxy

    [Bugfix] Fixed next mission not being shown in window title

    [Bugfix] Fixed some issues with the extension not being loaded in Firefox

    [Bugfix] Fixed links in the coords box

    [Bugfix] Fixed speed setting not being applied in the spy table for probe attacks

    This tool is tolerated. 19.04.2023

    Few things that are unrelated to toleration:

    • You define addButton() but never use it.
    • You construct the main class by assigning it to unsafeWindow.ogl. You seem to have copied this approach from OGLight, so both OGLight and your script are writing on the unsafeWindow.ogl property, which could create compatbility issues. I suggest choosing a different property name.
    • Your script is loaded on all pages in OGame, even though it is only needed on messages. Try limiting it to that page by adjusting the @match property in the script header.

    I wonder if I understood option 2 correctly.

    I can go on with this project, but I won't be able to get approval without a proven innovation. So I have to keep working, right?

    Or will I never get approval if I continue on this project? I want to understand it correctly and work accordingly.

    Yes you understood correctly. You don't need toleration for development. But as long as it isn't tolerated you can only use it on the Public Test Servers.

    Again, you are requesting toleration for something that is basically a copy of an existing addon.

    There is basically two options for you:

    1. Work on Infinity itself and add the features you want to add via pull requests.

    2. Work on Infinity as base and publish it when you have an addon that justifies being published separately.

    You don't need toleration to develop an addon. You can do development on the Public Test Server. If you're unsure about a feature being allowed or forbidden, you can ask here or on Discord in the tooldevs-chat channel.

    An Infinity clone with Turkish translation + few more features will not be tolerated.


    OGame Infinity accepts pull requests on Github. For a sole translation, a new addon seems to be overkill.

    Please get in contact with Infinity developers and/or make a pull request to have your translations added to Infinity.

    So far your changes don't really justify a new addon. It looks to me like everything you're planning to do can be added to Infinity with pull requests.

    At the moment it's just a copy of Infinity with Turkish translation.

    As a note, in your youtube video you say you want to make Expedition fleets fully customizable. Please be aware that that would be a Commander feature and unfortunately not tolerable.

    For now your Tool is not tolerated.


    OGame provides two different types of API: a public API, and a non-public, access controlled API.

    Public API

    The public API provides data about the universe and their players and is updated at a set interval.

    To check the API of another server, you just need to change the s1-en to the one you want to check, e.g. s122-de.

    If the universe you want to check is a universe with a number as name, there won't be a <name></name> entry in the serverData API.

    In order to get the data as JSON instead of XML, append ?toJson=1 to the URL. - Updates once an hour - Updates once a day - Updates once a day - Updates once a week - Updates once a day - Updates once a week -> Tech IDs (Buildings, Researchs, Ships, Defence, Missiontypes) and their localization -> All universes of a community

    Non-universe-specific APIs - List of all universes accessible via the Lobby with a short excerpt of their settings.

    Non-public API

    This API is access-controlled. In order to access this API endpoint, you need to request access in the Submissions & API Requests sub-forum. See the pinned threads there for more details on how to submit a request. Once you've been granted access, you will be given an access key that you need to keep private and that you will use for every request.

    Reports API

    In the game some reports (combat reports, espionage reports, recycler reports, missile reports) in the form of messages have API strings attached to them, shown as a button labeled "API". If you hover over this button, you will get a string to copy and paste that will look like this: cr-en-1-5c36288ad220f5d68845c6bdd90bad979aff6409.

    This string is made up of four parts which will get important later:

    • the type of the report (cr)
    • the community (en)
    • the server number (1)
    • and the report ID (5c36288ad220f5d68845c6bdd90bad979aff6409)

    With these, and your access key mentioned above, you can request the report data from 3rd party tools via the following API.

    Every tool, addon or script ("tool" in the following) is illegal to use unless it is explicitly tolerated by Gameforge. As such you will need to submit your tool here to start the review process and get your tool tolerated.

    For that, start a new thread in this section and choose the applicable label. Include this information:

    • Info:
    • Author:
    • Website:
    • Support:
    • Download:
    • Screenshot:
    • Browser:
    • Compability:
    • Languages:

    Your thread should contain all informations needed for a user, e.g. where to download, how to contact you. Also an instruction how to use your tool, what it can do and some screenshots would also be nice, besides a short introduction of your tool.

    Additionally, please provide a complete list of all features of your tool. Once your tool is tolerated, it will be moved to the "Tolerated Tools" section. From here on you will need to keep your thread updated with a changelog for every version of your tool. If you fail to do so, or omit changes from your changelog, your tool might lose its toleration status.


    AntiGameReborn is one of the most popular addons for OGame and provides a lot of useful features for every play style:

    • View, sort and filter your espionage reports with the handy spy table in your Messages.
    • Have direct links to TrashSim with everything prefilled.
    • Create lists and mark players, alliances and single planets, giving them individual colors and customizing their appearance to keep track of your targets effectively.
    • Create routines for repetitive tasks such as fleetsaving or gathering your daily mine production, making these tasks as little time consuming as possible.
    • Click on a player’s name to show all of his coordinates (updates weekly).
    • Add buildings, researches, ships and defense units to a construction plan to have an overview of the total costs and to transport the needed resources with just one click.
    • Submit a build order (ships/defense units) 10 times with one click.
    • Keyboard shortcuts for Jumpgate, Fleet dispatch, Galaxy and much more.
    • A lot of other user experience improvements. Almost every feature can be activated and deactivated individually.


    Download AntiGameReborn for Chrome / Opera

    Download AntiGameReborn for Firefox

    For installation in Opera install the addon “Install Chrome Extensions” first, then install AGR from the Chrome web store.


    Visit us on the official AntiGameReborn Discord where you can ask questions, report bugs or make suggestions for changes or new features. If you have problems with AGR, this is the place where you’ll get quick support. Also you’ll be the first to get the newest updates and test new Beta versions before they are released to Final version.

    Link to the Discord:


    If you’d like to show support for my work, donations are very welcome and can be made via PayPal.

    AGR affiliate link

    You can also support us by creating new game accounts through the following link:

    By doing this, a portion of your Dark Matter purchases goes to support AGR's development.

    To do that, proceed as follows:

    1. Click on the link:
    2. Click on the green "play" button.
    3. Login into your already existing lobby account.
    4. You will be redirected to your lobby now. This lobby is now connected to the AGR affiliate program for the next 24 hours.
    5. Choose a universe where you do not have an account on this lobby yet and click "Start".
    6. Done. The new universe account is now participating in the affiliate program for the next 12 months.

    ( is an app created by Gameforge for their partner and content creator programs.
    Please notice that only newly created game accounts (i.e. account in a universe, not lobby account) through the affiliate link will be eligible for the program, so if you want to participate, please make sure you create the universe account through the link above.)