Read first: Submitting tools

  • Every tool, addon or script ("tool" in the following) is illegal to use unless it is explicitly tolerated by Gameforge. As such you will need to submit your tool here to start the review process and get your tool tolerated.

    For that, start a new thread in this section and choose the applicable label. Include this information:

    • Info:
    • Author:
    • Website:
    • Support:
    • Download:
    • Screenshot:
    • Browser:
    • Compability:
    • Languages:

    Your thread should contain all informations needed for a user, e.g. where to download, how to contact you. Also an instruction how to use your tool, what it can do and some screenshots would also be nice, besides a short introduction of your tool.

    Additionally, please provide a complete list of all features of your tool. Once your tool is tolerated, it will be moved to the "Tolerated Tools" section. From here on you will need to keep your thread updated with a changelog for every version of your tool. If you fail to do so, or omit changes from your changelog, your tool might lose its toleration status.

    Keep in mind that a toleration is only issued for the current state of your tool. It does not mean you can add any and all features to it and that those become automatically legal. When developing new features, it is best to confer with a ToolDevs responsible to check if your planned feature will be tolerated. Don't put in work into developing features that might not get tolerated.

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